Homer's Diary of Olympic trip-what we found starting on page 5, June 19, 1924 entry.

June 19

Feeling a little dizzy from the rocking of the ship at night - Dancing for some as we just had about 30 girls and we had about 350 boys.

June 20

Boat makes about 17 knots a hour which is about 400 miles a day, Each day we turn up our watches about 1/2 hour.

June 21

Some exitment when we say the Lucitannia, or see a big fish jump out of the water.

June 22

Had a storm and the sea was a little rough, Did not feel so good thta day. Had preaching at 11 P.M. Did not work out as it was Sunday.

June 23

Monday night we had stunt night which a little french girl give a little dance. The Hawiian give a musical program which was good.

June 24

Had to slow down sput(sp?) so to give the Lucitannia time to get out of our way. By 2:30 could _______? ______? which look good. The ship anchored at 12 P.M. Tuesday night everybody stayed up to see Ch____burg and it surely did look good. Did not get much sleep. Had to arise at four thirty so as to get off ship at seven. Had breakfast and fix up our pass port so we could get off. Then we got on the boart at seven and started out for land. After a few min. ride we pull up to dock and got off. Outside the station was the train. Small and very pecular little cars.

Had some time to wait so we had a chance to see some of the French people. The little kids would say "penny" meaning to give them a penny. After receiving a few pennys they would do little stunts such as standing on their heads.

Some of the French men had opra glasses, rung, jewelry and one said he had whiskey, they could not sell any ______? the boys did not have any French money then.

10 A.M. the train started for Paris. After a short ride we had dinner which was served in French style. We had eggs boiled and then put some sort of sauce over them, which was not good. Then a piece of duck which was better. Thenthe desert which was ice cream and you never tasted anything just like it. They gave us Cherry's and black coffee which none could drank. The butter that we got has no saot so if we don't salt it it's not good.

The country along the rail road seem to be real prospur(sp). The stone houses sourrounded with pretty flowers. Stonewalls instead of fences. Some seem to be real old as some have little trees growing on top of them. One of the sights were the trees which had been topped or all the limbs out off for wood.

After a while the train pull in the station. Some of the boys firiends met the train to see them. We got a taxi for Rocuuincourt, our driver got lost and we went about twenty miles out of the way. On arriving at Rocquencourt we came to a high wall and a high gate which we entered. Just a little piece up was a big white building which was the Chateau where thePrince Myrat lived. Surrounded with pretty flower gardens. We went on up the hill a little piece, we came to our camp which there was eleven in all, and each hut contains ten rooms. I was assign to hut 2, and Room 27. It was about supper time so we went over for supper and the supper was bad, as we did not have any good water to drank as our water had not come. We made out our meal on butter and bread.

After supper we went down in the little village of Rocquercourt. A short circuit somewhere cause a fire in each fouse. One man went up to break the wires and was electrocuted as he tried to pull them down with his hands. Some of our boys help out by taking axes and cutting the wires. The village was left completly dark. All the people was very excited that night. The boy in camp donatged the widow and two children $500 dollar of the dead man. Then then-thirty we had to go to bed.

June 25

Worked out around camp just to get the boat motionmout of us. Negro Cook arrive.

June 26

Had a real good meal with American Cook and American water.

June 27

When down is Paris by street car. Stayed in Paris for about three hours. Bought a few little things and return.


R_______? _______ on Saturday, nothing of interest.

June 29

Went over to Versailles to see the palace of Louis the XIV(?). Words can't describe the beautifull paintings and statures in side. The surround grounds were undescribable. The beautifil lakes, fountains and the pretty gardens.

June 30

Went back to Varsailles to see some more of the gardens. Could not go in the palace as it was being clean up on Monday. Brought me a car__? in Versailles.

July 1

Worked out at the Stadium and saw the Finns throw the javelin. After supper the picture show finish up the Thief of Bagdad.

July 2

Wednesday moring Raining and the teams had dinner at 1pm at Trianon Palace Hotel Varsailles. We gave up our dinning Room for a committee luncheion of 42 different nations.

July 3

Last workout before the meet. Went down to Paris. Saw Notre Dame Eiffel tower and many other Places of interest. Came back to Versaille on the subway. Had supper and then caught a horse cab to our camp.

July 4

Had a little exercise in honor of General Preshing and the ____ President of Paris. Some of the boxers give a little exhibit of their skill.

July 5

Nothing _____ ______ happened except the opening of the lympic gaves by all nations proceded. All took the oath and march off the field.

July 6

The Javelin was run off in good style. ______ capturing ___________. _______ got third. Newfeld placed fifth. Prister and myself got about 7th & 8th . Rest of the races were run off in good style. It rain as usual but did not bother much as most of the races were over.

This diary was provided by Barbara Knysz.