Whelchel Family Mailing List

Subscription Management

You can manage your subscription from Google's interface. When you subscribe to the list, you will not receive any messages until the new address is approved by the moderators. You may also unsubscribe by sending a message from the address where you are subscribed to .

About the List

The Whelchel Family Mailing List is a low-traffic mailing list used for family announcements. The following types of messages are sent to the list:

If you wish to submit an announcement for consideration or need to contact the moderators for any other reason, you may do so by sending email to . Messages unsuited for this list may be posted to social media instead.

The moderators are the President, Secretary, Historian, and whelchel.org Administrator. The people currently holding these positions may be found on the Officers Page.

If your email address changes, please unsubscribe the old address and subscribe the new address. If you don’t do this, you will not receive emails until you subscribe the new email. We will continue to have the contact information at the annual reunion, if you update your email there, we will update your subscription here as well.

The list is hosted using Google Groups. The group address is whelchel-announce. Now you know.