The Book

The Whelchel Book is a repository of history. It comes to the family reunion every year, and it can be browsed there. You can also view the entire Book on this site.

I have transcribed the Constitution and By-laws. I’m looking for someone willing to help transcribe and/or OCR the entire book.

Family Trees

There are two family trees on this site: the Descendants Tree and the Ancestors Tree. These trees look down and up, respectively, from Jordan Davis and Amanda Whelchel. You must be a member to see the Descendants Tree. The password is posted in the forums. There is also a PDF of the full Descendants Tree, as posted at the annual reunion.

The Branch History Series

A few years ago, it was decided that the history of the various family branches needed to be brought more into the spotlight. These are the talks that have been given.

2009: Nina Whelchel Bell

Jimmy Webb gave this talk.

Spoken History

Oral tradition is very important. Here’s ours.


86th Reunion Online

The content of the 86th Annunal Reunion.

The Diary of Alvin J. Whelchel, MD

This diary covers approximately a year of time circa 1905. He was in medical school at the time.

The Diary of Homer Whelchel

This diary covers the 1924 Olympics.

Interview with Nadauna and Carl, Jr.

This interview is from July 2003.

Homer's Fish Stories [PDF - 2.8 MB]

Courtesy Barbara Knysz. Transcription to come.

Mary Lou's Notes

Mary Lou typed most of the Whelchel Family Book. These files reveal the correspondence between Lucille, Pauline, and Mary Lou. They further document the enormous effort of those responsible for the development of the book.

Courtesy Alvin North

Whelchel Scrapbooks

These three scrapbooks document Whelchel history from 1961 to 2003. They are approximately ordered by date:

Courtesy Alvin North

1940 Reunion Program [PDF - 616 KB]

This program from 1940 was provided by Melanie Hughston. It includes a short play “A Fishing Escapade”.

Thomas Glenn North’s Korea Diary [PDF - 3 MB]

Glenn North’s Korean War naval experience abord the minesweeper USS Waxbill is documented here. This document was written in response to an inquiry as to his activities in the Navy.

Courtesy John Newton

How Dan met Frances

This letter from Dan and Frances Whelchel describing how they met in Summer 1944.

Courtesy Alvin North.