"The United Descendants"


"Jordan Davis and Amanda Jane Palmour Whelchel"

  1. We the descendants of Jordan Davis and Amanda Jane Palmour Whelchel do this fifth day of April A.D. 1937, agree to join together in a systematic family organization, the name of which will be: "The United Descendants of Jordan Davis and Amanda Jane Palmour Whelchel."
  2. This organization will meet on the Sunday nearest April 5th., each year to celebrate the Birthday of Amanda Jane Palmour Whelchel. The business meeting and program will be on or near July 4, depending on the wishes of the majority of the family.
  3. The place of meeting will be at the home of Amanda Jane Palmour Whelchel near Hatly, Georgia until otherwise designated by the descendants.
  4. The organization will convene at 11:00 O'Clock Eastern Standard Time for the purpose of attending to business and a program.
  5. At one O'Clock Eastern Standard Time there will be dinner of a picnic style furnished by all members. All overhead expenses of the dinner will be equally divided between descendants of age. There will each year be three hosts and three hostesses appointed by the Organization Committee. These six people will be responsible for the dinner.
  6. Each descndant agrees to cooperate in helping in any part of this organization when called upon.
  7. There will be four officers as follows:
    1. President, who shall always be the oldest male descendant. His duty is to preside at each meeting and advise all committees.
    2. Vice-President, who shall always be the second oldest male descendant. His duty to supply for President.
    3. Secretary, appointed by the President annually (the same one may serve as long as the President sees fit). The duty of the Secretary will be to keep the minutes and do all correspondence necessary.
    4. Treasurer, appointed by President annually (the same one may serve as long as the President sees fit). The duty of the Treasurer will be to total all expense and collect same from the descendants of age. Also pay any bills acquired by the Organization.
  8. There will be two standing Committees as follows:
    1. Organization, appointed by the President annually. The Committee in turn may appoint a sub-committee at their will. Duties: Investicate and present new business. Be responsible for program which may be optional.
    2. Record Committee to be permanent so long as they live, except in case of resignation. New appointment shall be done by the Record Committee. Duties: To collect and compile in a leather bound loose leaf book, all events and records of interest concerning the Organization as a whole.

Present Committee named 1936.

Organization Committee

Record Committee.

Respectfully submitted by the Organization Committee appointed by the President 1936.



  1. Law number two will read: This organization will meet on July 4, of each year.
  2. A steering Committee of four members appointed by the president, the duties of which are to select date and place of Reunion meetings; also name all committees, has been agreed upon.

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This was transcribed from The Whelchel Family Book by George A. Macon on 30 May 2006.

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