The intent of this page is to provide information to people who care about the internals of the web page. Most people probably don't care.

Best Viewed Using A Browser

I support the Campaign for a Non-Browser-Specific WWW. Accordingly, I try my best to make sure that whenever I use and advanced feature, I provide alternatives for those people not using the latest and greatest browsers. If you find something that doesn’t work, please , and I'll try to get it fixed.


Most of the static part of the web page was hand-coded by me and is (or should be) compliant with the HTML Living Standard. I’ve used the Template Toolkit to provide a consistent header, footer, and navigation bar throughout the site. Template Toolkit allows me to process the includes offline.

The markup here is based on the HTML5 Boilerplate. This provides markup and code frameworks for high-performance websites.


The following image formats are fair game: JPEG, PNG, SVG. This is again ignoring the forum. SVG is used for the graphical trees in the genealogical reports.

The Whelchel Page-Turner

This is used for the Whelchel Book and Mary Lou Whelchel's notes. It uses PHP on the back end with pre-made "small" images. Javascript is used to provide a faster experience, but when it is disabled, the system falls back on using the PHP script for all of the work.

Genealogical Reports

The genealogical reports are auto-generated by GenoPro® and claim to be XHTML 1.0. I’m using a slightly customized version of the default English Narrative Report. JavaScript is used by these reports.


The forums are no more. They have been archived here for their historical value, but no major community arose here. Just use Facebook.

Email Links

Ah, email. In order to prevent spammers from harvesting the emails published on this site, I've done something clever. When you first hover over an email link, you'll notice that it doesn't point anywhere; that's by design. When you click on an email link the first time, a little bit of JavaScript will change the link to the real value. A little janky, yes, but blame the spammers for ruining everything.