Cordele, Georgia Recreation Center

How exciting to know we will be gathering together soon. Below you will find the information you may need to get your plans underway if you already haven't started and a great reminder for those who have.


The recreation center will be open all day for families to gather, placement of the family boards and use of the gym and playground.

Around 5:00pm we will be gathering for some pizza and Aunt Pauline's "Down Yonder Opportunities" better known for the younger generation as pizza and wine. I hear Alvin North And John Fenn Foster will be providing this treat but feel free to bring any specialty items you may want or any wine to sample and share. Soft drinks are available in the machines but you may want to bring your own. What fun we will have sharing stories of our past and present.

SUNDAY - JULY 5th - 11:30am

BBQ and Brunswick stew and a gathering of Whelchels ... Bring your favorite side dishes and we will once again celebrate being a part of such a special family.


PLEASE get your current news to as soon as possible, With our family growing and changing there is much to share. To ensure your news is included he will need to get it all compiled and written up. Let's help him make it a bit easier.


I spoke to my sister and we think since we honored the original Whelchel family cast and crew a few time since our 75th gathering that perhaps it would be a great way to share your family news from this past year in clippings and pictures. Make sure to get those ready to share.


Make sure to notify the Macon family of any changes/additions to the name tags for this year. Also for their family tree project. They work so very hard on these projects and the website. Let's show our support and thanks. Contact them at .

Check out the www.whelchel.org website and Whelchel facebook page. We are working hard to keep both updated and active. Your participation matters.

Motels Reservations can be made by checking out www.cordelega.com.

If you have any questions you can contact us at the following emails:

Excited to see everyone soon. Be safe and much love...

Melanie Hughston