Whelchel Family Book

George Macon

The Whelchel Family Book has been scanned and is now available online at http://www.whelchel.org/book/. I have transcribed and posted the Constitution and By-Laws. If anyone feels so inclined, I would entertain someone running the book images (from the tarball please) through an OCR program.

I now open this topic for comment and discussion.

P.S. Someone should proofread the constitution against the images.

Edit 16 Oct 2007: Update Constitution URL.

Sallie Riddell

Thanks to the Whelchel Family Book being online, I have been able to learn alot about the family thru the years as well as enjoy looking at all the pictures. I am grateful for all the hardwork that has gone into scanning this family treasure so that all family members can access it.

Sallie Riddell