July 7, 2019

Cordele Recreation Center


Cousins, Aunts, Uncles? Who are all these people?? Come find out who they are and whether they are your first cousin once removed or just your second cousin.

There is fun to be had! On Saturday, enjoy watersports at the Veterans Park. Golf with well known experts. Basketball and games are pick-up at the gym, or just sit and visit. Saturday evening, pizza is offered, but drinks and any other food are up to you. Saturday nights have turned into a fun party!

Sunday is the official program beginning at noon. But come early and visit. Bring a favorite dish to go with furnished bar-b-que, Brunswick stew and tea.

Update your bulletin boards and bring them.

Please update all history of your family and send to , historian.

If members of your family did not receive this email; then they should update their email address at the Whelchel Group list. See Whelchel Mailing List for instructions.